Patients Reviews: Victoria

Victoria, 19. 09. 2017

I thank the clinic MaaVaR and its employees for saving my life. For the work done with me on returning to a real world and in general for a return to a full life. I lost hope many years ago that I can live differently, without drugs. I did not believe anyone and nothing. I went to the MaaVaR clinic for rehabilitation, not on my own, I was brought by parents. Every day I thank my parents and everyone from the clinic for a helping hand when I was no longer strong enough to live or die from drugs as many of my friends died. Today I am a happy person with a desire to live and plans for the future. Thank you for the opportunity to start a new life! I want to wish all employees of the center to continue this noble and very important business-to save people! Success, prosperity and peace to your Home. Again, from myself and my family, a huge gratitude for all that you have done for me! Amen.

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