Patients Reviews: Andrew

Andrew, 13.12.2016

Many thanks to the MaaVaR clinic . Thanks to Misha, Ramiz, and Victor for creating such a wonderful place for us, for all addicts who decided to get rid of the disease and start a new life. Thank you for your attitude and great desire to help me to get rid of addiction, learn to fight the disease – to understand myself and my life. Thank you and the program for opening my eyes, who and what I am. For the first time in my life I thought about it.
Thanks to you I found faith in God, began to really believe in the Higher Power and in it’s help, care and love. There is some kind of self – confidence, fears disappear, and of course, there is a desire to find a constant knowledge of myself.
Thank you for everything! God bless your clinic, and now our home! I wish as many addicts as possible to find a new life here. Amen.

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