Our Staff

Victor Ifraimov

Founder and coordinator of “MaaVaR” Clinic.
Experience – ten years of work with chemical substances addictions.
Worked in National Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Department.
Founder of the Russian division in National Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Department.
Founder of the “Kohav David” public fund – sport, culture, education, social projects –
today it consists of 35 different directions.
Higher education – Administration and Economy Management.
Faculty of Sport and Physical Culture.
Course of public relations.
Course of psychology.
Course of public organizations management.

Dr. Moshe Golin

Drug Addiction Psychiatrist of the highest category, 40 years work experience.

Education and Work Experience:

1975-1976 – Leningrad State University. Neurology faculty.
1991-1994 – Psychologist and Pedagogical Adviser at Israel Ministry of Education.
1994-1997 – Clinical Psychologist at Jewish Agency.
1996 – Qualification for medical activity in Israel.
2006-2008 – Psychiatrist in Herzog’s Jerusalem Hospital.
2007-2009 – Tel-Aviv University. Narcology – Drug Addiction Faculty.

Dual diagnosis treatment (psychiatric pathology in psychoactive substances use background)
Psychiatric disorders treatment.
Drug addiction treatment.
Psychotherapy treatment work with drug addicts.

Dina Gitin

Social worker.
Eight years of experience in social rehabilitation of people with mental illness and drug addiction.
Education: Higher pedagogical. The first degree in social rehabilitation and psychological assistance to people with chemical dependence and mental illnesses.
Experience: Ten-year work experience as a primary school teacher in a secondary school. 1999 – repatriation to Israel and professional retraining. Social rehabilitation of people with mental illness. Social assistance and support of the population with a double diagnosis (mental illness and drug addiction). Social rehabilitation of people with drug addiction. Social assistance and support to families of people with drug addiction and mental illness.

Michael Leviev

Founder and instructor of the MaaVaR Clinic.

Experience – fourteen years of experience working with chemical substances addictions.
Ten years worked in the National Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Department.
About ten years of study in Shahamur Consulting – College of Interaction Art (cognitive processes of consciousness).
Diploma of the instructor – “12 steps” – recovery program for addicts.
Course of instructors for the Russian-speaking population.
The course of coordinators for city administrations.
The course of professional training in the field of drug addiction and alcoholism among the Russian-speaking population.
The course of explanatory work for prevention of using the chemicals as drugs.

The course “Initiative is a new way”.

The author of the book “Two sides of the same coin – labyrinths of drug addiction”.

Ramiz Abdurakhmanov

Founder and instructor of the MaaVaR Clinic.
Experience – thirteen years of work with chemical addictions:
“Levinsky” project coordinator.
Instructor in Kiryat Shlomo Narcological center.
Instructor at “Tamra” rehabilitation center.
Social help department for drug addicts.
Instructor at the municipality of Haifa and Maalot.

Courses of the instructor – “Beit Berl” college.
Seminar on mental disorders.
Seminar on professional rehabilitation.
Seminar on family therapy.
Courses of social instructor – “Beit Berl” college.

Alexander Vedmed

Consultant on chemical addiction.
Specialization: individual and group counseling.
Prevention of breakdowns, a specialist in group therapy.
Education: Mogilev State University.

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