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Our name “MaaVaR”, in Hebrew means literally “Conversion”. The name bears in itself the names of the founders of the clinic – a group of people who have an intention to share their rich experience in self-examination.
“MaaVaR Clinic” offers an entirely new approach to the rehabilitation process. It’s impossible using theoretical information only to fix in the mind of an addict person new reaction habits that he needs to be able to cope with the problem of addiction. It is necessary to create new stable habits of reaction, to form a new lifestyle,free of drugs and alcohol use,
There is a direct and determining link between the state of human consciousness and what happens in his life. “MaaVaR Clinic” offers a new look for studying and getting out of any kind of addictions and ways to reach the desired goals. It is possible to change old ideas about the habitual way of life.

The clinic “MaaVaR” offers schemes and opportunities to improve their personal skills, which allow clients to plunge into the world of learning themselves without any doubt.

Individual approach to each client allows achieving the highest possible result. In addition, it affects successfully in all spheres of life and leads a person to success.

The clinic employs a professional team with many years of experience. We have multidisciplinary staff, which allows both a group and individual approach.
Experienced specialists, a doctor psychiatrist and narcologist, social worker, instructor will support you at all stages of rehabilitation, (physical, psychological, emotional). Our clinic is located 24 hours a day under the supervision of professionals.

The clinic’s task is to provide the client with the opportunity and conditions for building a new, quality lifestyle without using chemical-psychoactive substances.

The MaaVaR clinic is located in the city of Kiryat Gat, the geographical center of Israel, amidst greenery, coniferous trees and orchards surrounded by vineyards. The territory on which the clinic is located is one of the most beautiful corners of our city. The clinic and the location itself creates a favorable atmosphere for our clients in the rehabilitation process. Every day we have qualitatively unique, practical events – the rehabilitation process, which allows our clients to pass this period of time in a state of perfect mood and an increased desire to successfully pass the rehabilitation period, and in full health to return to their families and friends in their homes.

The clinic has a three-storey cottage with comfortable, bright bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a bathroom.
Our clinic is under the constant attention and care of staff. The client feels his involvement in the surrounding, the staff, and feels at home, freely and openly.
Settlement is organized in separate rooms for 1 or 2 people. The whole clinic was planned for 12 patients. The refinement of the design decoration of the rooms gives a friendly atmosphere and allows you to fully feel comfortable.
The situation in the clinic is home, four meals a day, an abundance of fruit, at the request of the client – diet meals.
Infrastructure of the clinic: computer class, sports and gyms (professional boxing hall and Kung Fu room), basketball hall, hairdresser.
Staff can consider the patient’s request for additional activities.

The program that is used in our clinic “MaaVaR” is one of the most effective programs, which has been verified during many years of work and has no analogues, and allows to achieve a positive result.
Experts of “MaaVaR Clinic” are ready to provide professional services for families of an addict who is on rehabilitation in our center.

The Center for Rehabilitation and Addiction Treatment in Israel, “MaaVaR Clinic”, guarantees full discretion.

Center for Rehabilitation and Relief from Addictions in Israel, “MaaVaR Clinic” – CHOICE IS IN YOUR HANDS!

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